About KatGames

Katana Games (also known as Katgames in the Casual Market) is the award-winning team behind The Dream Chronicles series. Founded in 2001 by Miguel Angel Tartaj the company is based in Zaragoza, Spain and boasts a team of unusually talented leaders in art, game design and technology.

Originally founded with the intention of making games for the hardcore PC market, the company quickly changed its direction to casual games (games for everyone) and since 2003 has been focused on this mission: to make the most beautiful and original casual games on the market.

From simple early innovations (like 2003’s 5 Spots, the precursor to today’s hidden object games) to more recent blockbuster successes with mystery and adventure (like our award-winning Dream Chronicles series) Katgames has been constantly evolving, moving with the rapid changes of the videogames market, always staying open to new requests or new kinds of projects that expand our knowledge and abilities. We love innovation and new possibilities. We’ve been challenged with very diverse projects in the past and our clients have always been satisfied and delighted. We also support some self financed projects and are always looking for new opportunities and challenges.

Do you have a project or need someone to add some originality to it? If you think we might be a match for your needs, we would love to hear about you. We are open to new opportunities and dedicated to our true passion: making original videogames.

Katgames is:

CEO: Miguel Angel Tartaj

Art Director: Pablo Vietto

Lead programmers: David Gonzalez and Miguel Angel Liñán

Programmer: Raúl Buisán

Artist: Danay López


Logo KatanaGames vs logo KatGames

Katana Games wasn’t the best name for the average casual player so we adopted the diminutive “KatGames” for the casual market.  Katana Games is still used for some projects outside of the casual market but we are generally better known as KatGames.

 Games designed and developed by KatGames

  • The Cross Formula (2012)
  • Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water (2011)
  • Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air (2010)
  • Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child (2009)
  • Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze (2008)
  • Dream Chronicles (2007)
  • Zulu Gems (2006)
  • Fireworks Extravaganza (2005)
  • Mind Machine (2005)
  • Mortimer and the Enchanted Castle (2005)
  • Genius Move (2004)
  • 5 Spots II (2004)
  • 5 Spots (2003)
  • Golf Adventure Galaxy (2003)
  • Super trivia tv (skill game, coin ops)
  • Mind Master Show (skill game, coin ops)

Katana Games also owns the rights to the following games developed by Xpiral:

  • Off Road Arena (Xpiral) (2001)
  • Boorp’s Balls (Xpiral) (2001)
  • Beetle Buggin (aka Beetle Crazy Cup, Käfer Total) (Xpiral) (1999)
About KatGames