5 Spots II


Just 2 weeks after 5 Spots was launched, Real Arcade asked us to make a sequel (5 Spots II). It took us around 5 months to finish the sequel. We couldn’t simply add more pictures; we had to find ways to keep our audience entertained with the classic “spot the difference” game, but also offer new ways of playing. To many people it sounds contradictory that a simple concept might  be a tough challenge to develop, but that’s the reality. It wasn’t easy to find other modes that applied to images and which  could be fun and easy to play and could be added to 5 Spots. Some people had complained that 5 Spots didn’t have a “relaxed” mode, it was too competitive for them, as a result we added an untimed mode. We also added a puzzle mode with images split, reusing all images from the classic mode. But the hidden jewel was the “Find the Monkey”, perfect for kids of any age.

The game was on the top 10 sellers in several casual games portals and for several weeks, but it wasn’t as impactful as 5 Spots, the original find the differences game.


We haven’t made a Flash version of this game because we think that 5 Spots already had a good Flash version to test the classic mode. You can test the free online version here:


5 Spots  2 for PC


-Many pictures used in 5 Spots and 5 Spots II are from particular family collections, so you can see some people very familiar to us…

-“Find the monkey” was another last minute addition, this one was added 2 weeks before launching.