5 Spots


This is the home page of Katgames’ second game 5 Spots the original find the difference game. The game was conceived to entertain people of all ages.  In approaching the game, the basic principles we applied were simplicity, a high contrast user interface and light-hearted comical sound effects. It wasn’t the first game in which the player needs to spot differences between two similar images but it was the first to become popular. It has a feature that has been replicated and copied since it was launched: the double cursor which helps players identify errors easier.

Developed in 2003, the game was number 1 in Real Arcade for several weeks, and kept in the top 10 sellers for over 2 months. A sequel called 5 Spots II was launched a few months after. The game keeps attracting people and a mobile version for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices were launched in 2012

This game can be played for free from here (Flash needed)


5 Spots for iPhone, iPad, or Android device: use this link to download the correct version of 5 Spots for your device

5 Spots for PC

5 Spots for iPhone

5 Spots for iPad

5 Spots for Android phone

5 Spots for Android tablet

5 Spots for Intel tablet


-The double cursor was added exactly 2 days before it was first launched. After the first tests, some people was demanding some kind of help and the double cursor and the double cursor was a “last minute” intuition that seems to be well appreciated since then.

-The first original game was below 5 Mb. Today the size of games isnít very important but in the year 2003, a game over 5Mb was considered “too big” because a lot of people had very slow Internet connection, most of them using modem. Adding 111 pictures with all differences and the rest of the graphics was a real challenge.

Video of 5 Spots playing on a Smartphone: