Dream Chronicles


Dream! That was the original code name of Dream Chronicles in KatGames. The game mechanics and principles (pick up objects to use in the scene) were initially designed back in 2004. At that time, most casual games were clones of match 3 games. Unfortunately KatGames didn’t have the resources to start the development of the full game but we could build a playable prototype to demonstrate how fun the game could be and try to find a partner to fund the full development. The prototype was done, we showed to a couple of partners but it was turned down. Later, in February 2006, there was a conference in Amsterdam (“Casuality” was called… Casual Connect these days), and Kenny Dinkin from Playfirst, was very interested in meeting us; he played Zulu Gems and wanted to meet the developer of that game. Playfirst was just starting and looking for teams and games to make innovative games, we were looking for someone to bet for “Dream!”, it was just a matter of time to show them the prototype and Kenny and Craig Bocks loved the project immediately… the full production of the popular and awarded Dream Chronicles series started there.


Dream Chronicles for PC

Dream Chronicles for iPad

Dream Chronicles for MAC

Postmortem in Gamasutra


-In 2005, a producer from one of our partners saw the prototype, loved it and offered a contract to develop the game in exchange of an exclusivity period. This person moved to another company before signing the contract and that company changed their intentions and refused to sign the contract. Yes, this is actually 2 years before the launch of Dream Chronicles, and one and a half years before Mysteries Case Files was released. Years after we heard from that company things such as “it was too early to sign for a game like that at the time, the market wasn’t prepared…” (really?).

-Another partner that had the chance to check the game in 2005 simply thought it was just a demo of a full game. They wanted the game but didn’t want to support the development.