Fireworks Extravaganza


We wanted to make a video game involving fireworks, but having some true interaction between the choices the player makes and the resulting fireworks. It was a tough challenge in many ways but finally we decided to try to innovate making an inlay game with variations and new features; players actions on the inlay would directly impact the fireworks display, taking into account the shape and colors used.

In Fireworks Extravaganza the player has to fill the shapes appearing on an inlay with pieces. The game offers 3 playing modes, including one untimed. Another playing mode is based on the more classic inlay game (you need to pick up pieces and place them where you want) but there is another one in which the pieces appear directly in your cursor and you have to choose where to place them (this later mode is quicker and can be played more like an arcade game). In all modes, when a shape is filled up, the game displays a firework based on the shape and the colors used. If you fill the shapes according to some basic rules you get many more points (if you fill the shape with pieces of the same color the rewarding points increase).

Editing the fireworks was a lot of fun so we included an editor in updated versions.

The untimed mode can be surprisingly fun, if you like challenges with a clock such as a jigsaw game you would probably enjoy this playing mode.


Fireworks Extravaganza for PC