Golf Adventure Galaxy


Released in 2003, Golf Adventure Galaxy game was the first product developed by Katana Games. Real Networks was the king of casual games in those days and they were looking to experiment in order to expand the growing casual download market.

Our first foray into casual games was an attempt to deliver an “intergalactic minigolf” full of surprises, mini games, and different outer-space scenarios.

We quickly found out that the average casual player had a completely different mentality and motivation than a more experienced player (or hardcore player). We learned that most casual players weren’t interested in setting a new record or beating the “course.”

Not surprisingly, the game was not well received in the casual market but we learnt a lot and were ready to apply the new thoughts into our next game. One bright note, Galaxy did attract the more hardcore gamers and offered innovation and originality:

Good news for intergalactic golfers! You can still play Golf Adventure Galaxy! This is the official page of Katgames’ first original effort!


Golf Adventure Galaxy for PC