Mortimer and the Enchanted Castle


Continuing with the intention of expanding our portfolio of games we planned the development of another untimed game with many dollops of Katgames’ originality.

In Mortimer and the Enchanted Castle the player has to place blocks and tools to help a little charming character reach the exit of each level. It’s fairly easy to learn how to play and the mechanics are simple, but as you advance in the game levels can become challenging. In the beginning we included a tool in our web page that displayed the solution to every level in game. In the last version of the game (currently the only one available), we included the solutions to all the regular levels within the game itself (so when you are playing the game you can check the solution to a particular level in case you get stuck).

Free online version (Showckwave)


Mortimer and the Enchanted Castle PC version


-The very first version launched included a level impossible to pass (level 76). We immediately fixed that problem and send the patch to all customers, but it was very curious to observe how some people asked via email for the solution to this level… they were people playing a pirate version of the game “claiming” for a patch or a solution. We kept getting this sort of messages for years. Needless to say, without honest people who actually purchase our games, we could not continue making them…

-“Lemmings” was a starting point of inspiration for this game although the final product is obviously a very different game.

-Many satisfied customers have asked for a sequel of this game… perhaps one day we’ll make it.